A Family Farm

Old River Farm is a small family farm in the heart of Connecticut. 

We tend our small farm to get the finest quality produce for you. We have tilled fields with vegetables, flowers, and herbs. We have chickens and sheep roaming on fresh pasture. We have beehives for honey and hundred year old maple trees for syrup.

We are committed to nurturing a farm and soil ecosystem that is self-sustaining, without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or GMO. We abide by the CT Northeast Organic Farmers Association Farmer’s Pledge.

We take care to deliver beautiful, bountiful boxes of fresh vegetables, flower bouquets, eggs and treats to our customers each week.

Our goal is for you to feel like each week you are receiving a beautiful gift to nurture you and your family. Some weeks we tuck in a little farm-made honey or maple syrup. Other weeks a packet of fresh herbs.

We are sold out for subscriptions for the weekly farm box. Please check here or Facebook up Soon for i

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Farmer Dominick

Farmer Dominick